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Krissie Schuster Cilano, a longtime friend of Mary and Dr. James Chen, worked closely with Mary to tell her story with elegance and detail. Over thirty years ago, at First Baptist Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the Chens walked into an adult Sunday School class that Krissie’s husband was teaching. They introduced themselves as James “Jim” and Mary Chen. Krissie distinctly remembers Mary wearing a “lime green two-piece, short-sleeved suit, and she and Jim both looked so nice.” They were soft-spoken and humble. James was carrying a Bible and “it was obvious to the class that he didn’t just carry it!” says Krissie. Their love for their faith was a bright light for all to see.  


This is an incredible story about a faith-filled woman and her faith-filled family, beautifully written by another faith-filled woman. But it’s more than that, because the testimony of “Nai Nai” Chen is about God’s love for the least of these, His faithfulness to His creation and to His own name, and His limitless power to make Himself known. And that is worth the read.

Dallas and Amanda Jenkins,
Creators of the groundbreaking television show, The Chosen

*All proceeds from the sale of The Chronicles of Nai Nai go to ChenMed Cares – ChenMed's foundation to help employees in crisis.